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Overcoming The Obstacles With Cloud Tattoos

Before deciding on any tattoo, you must consider many factors. You must be especially strategic when interested in cloud tattoos. Who is your artist? Have they created tattoos of clouds or similar landscape designs which you hold in high regard? You must also consider the specific design you wish to have.

Many tattoos are simple and take little time. Others are elaborate and large and take a good amount of pain, focus and money before they are finished. If you just want a small, simple tattoo outlined in black, most tattoo artists with experience will be able to capably do the job. However, if you are wanting a larger, more realistic design, it becomes more complicated. For cloud tattoos, much thought must be given to definition and strategic shading. If the tattoo artist draws a wispy, beautifully rendered cloud across your arm, it may look impressive in the beginning.

Cloud TattoosFive years later, especially with color, that tattoo will have faded and lost its pop. Ten years from now, if not well-rendered, it might look like a blurry blob on your arm. People might come up to you and ask if it’s an abstract design. Never underestimate the frustrations of others not comprehending your tattoo, especially when the tattoo has a particularly special meaning for you. It might be okay at first but fifteen years down the line, you will be irritated with the blob on your arm.

This can be remedied by a number of preventive measures. If a cloud is what you want, that is great. It is important to be secure in your idea for a tattoo. After all, it will be with you for the rest of your life, barring expensive and painful laser procedures or complicated cover-ups with another tattoo which might not be to your choice. In considering your design, you just need to keep a few things in mind in order to end up with an awesome design which you will be proud of showing to others for decades to come.

First of all, the line work should be strong. This is what is going to support your tattoo for years to come, like the foundation of a house. If the line work is not drawn confidently and skillfully, especially for something as nebulous as clouds, the rest of the work will blur and the entire definition of the image will be lost in a few years, sacrificed to the inevitable ink fading which comes right in hand with older tattoos. With the valuable starting point of a strongly applied line work, you have a much better chance of preserving the high quality of your tattoo as the years go by.

A second consideration is whether you want color or just black and gray. The clouds can be colored in with white and a blue sky-like background, but you must take into account the white ink’s inability to stay white over time. Within a few years, if not months, it will probably morph itself from a sharp white to a duller yellowish tinge. White ink makes things pop for a while but slowly becomes more ineffective with age, eventually even hindering the design in many cases. White should be used sparingly and in a judicious way on a tattoo if used at all. Especially for cloud tattoos, it is that much more important to keep the color in mind because clouds are white.

A good solution for this color-based dilemma is, in some cases, to have the tattoo artist utilize the negative space of your skin. If your skin is lighter, this will be useful in creating the image of clouds with astute application of lining and shading. If you have darker skin, it will be more difficult to make cloud tattoos stand out, but an accomplished tattoo artist is used to factoring in the shade of skin and adapting the design to fit the person rather than the person to fit the tattoo.

If they are not able to do so, they might not have enough experience to make your patronage worthwhile. It is important to seek out the best artist for your tattoo, especially for something complicated like clouds. Some of the best tattoo artists will be much more expensive than someone of mediocre talent. However, if you hunt around your local area, you might find a highly talented tattoo artist with lower prices simply because they haven’t been around long enough to justify higher prices. It’s worth the search.

Don’t just go out on a whim and choose the first tattoo artist to cross your path. The design you are having them imprint upon your body will be with you forever and it’s worth it to save up extra cash for a few months or even years in order to invest your money in an amazing tattoo by the best tattoo artist you can afford. You will thank yourself ten years from now when you see your incredible cloud tattoo looking as impressive as when you first got it.

In order to keep your tattoo at a high level of quality, proper tattoo healing methods are essential. Your tattoo artist should be able to supply you with all the information you need. In addition, it’s good to purchase a lotion or ointment such as Lubriderm or Tattoo Goo to use on a regular basis even after your tattoo is healed. With the right care in the beginning especially but also after healing, you can maintain your tattoo’s freshness and beauty. With a cloud tattoo and other designs which lack a distinct shape, healthy maintenance is one of the most important strategies to keeping your tattoo looking great.

If you have engaged a reputable tattoo artist, they will also do touch-ups of their artwork free of charge for years to come, so long as you have treated their design responsibly. Once every few years should be more than enough to keep your cloud design in excellent condition.

The lasting power of the design is one of the most important factors in the strength of cloud tattoos. Don’t rush into your decision, find the best tattoo artist you can afford and establish a rapport with them before entrusting your body to their permanent design. Make sure they understand the complications inherent in a cloud tattoo. If you do your homework first, you will end up with a first-rate cloud design to treasure for the rest of your life.

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